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Guitar Tuning
Guitar Fretboard
Am pentatonic scale

Guitar Exercises
Learn Guitar Tablature


A minor Grouping

Guitar Modes in C major


Guitar Capo

Major Scale Theory

Guitar chord inversions

Harmonizing with triads

Chord formulas
Constructing 7th chords

Guitar Chords

Guitar timing

4th string root guitar chords and related guitar scales


Blank Guitar Fretboard illustrations

Blank tablature

Blues Type Rhythm and Lead

Simple electric rhythm

Listen to the E Phrygian mode heavy

Learn the Phrygian mode

Melody Construction

Major Scale Theory
Guitar Modes in C major

Blank tablature

Sound Advice

Simple electric rhythm

Music Definitions

Guitar Lesson 1
Learn about the fretboard.

Guitar Lesson 2
Guitar fretboard continued.

Guitar Lesson 3
Guitar picking Exercises.

Guitar Lesson 4
Guitar picking and fretting exercises.

Guitar Lesson 5
Learning the A minor pentatonic scale.

Guitar Lesson 6
A minor pentatonic scale continued.

Guitar Lesson 8
A minor pentatonic and tablature.

Guitar Lesson 17B  Learn the modes in the key of C major.

Guitar Lesson 18 Constructing the major scales.

Guitar Lesson 18C
Play C, G, D and A major in one position.

Guitar Lesson 19 Pentatonic chords and scale relationships.

Guitar Lesson 20
F major modes and playing lead over changes.

Guitar Lesson 21 Inversions.

Guitar Secrets Guitar Lessons

Guitar Secrets, Lead Guitar Made Easy, Instructional CD ROM

So you want to be a Rock and Roll Superstar?

Includes over 150 professionally designed guitar lessons. 
Just one lesson could make a difference.

Guitar Secrets, Lead Guitar Made Easy. Professional guitar lessons.Our CD ROM includes over 150 professionally designed guitar lessons.

Are you Frustrated with the Guitar?
Do you really want to learn?
Have you tried other systems with no success?
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This CD ROM includes an unbelievable amount of information.
No subscriptions or membership required, just pure guitar.

If you need help along the way, no problem assistance available free.

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Over 150 Professional
Guitar Lessons
for only $19.95   

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Item Number: CDROM1
Format: CD ROM
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A Visual Learning Experience, Lead Guitar Made Easy. Instructional CD ROM

Includes 150 professionally designed guitar lessons for only $19.95. Order today

  • Can you play 6 different progressions in every key? Once you have the progression, do you know what scale to use? If not, we will teach you, this is a must to be a successful guitar player. Our CD ROM includes the most important aspects to playing the guitar.

  • Scales with tablature and real guitar audio files.

  • Learn how to play and use the pentatonic scales, major scales and more.

  • Includes real lead examples and progressions.

  • Tablature and guitar audio for A, B, C, D, E, F and G major pentatonic scales. 

  • Learn the major scales, A, B, C, D, E, F, F# and G.

  • The CD ROM includes valuable progression charts for quick learning. Real progressions played to illustrate their usage.

  • The illustrations will cover progressions used in the keys of A, B, C, D, E, F, F# and G major also the minor scales, over 90 of them. These progressions are great for song writing.

  • Also included are harmonic and melodic minor progressions.

  • Learn an excellent technique to create melodies in any key or scale. Easy step by step instructions. Use this technique to build scale runs.

  • The progressions are ideal for both electric and acoustic guitar.

  • Easy to follow navigation from lesson to lesson.

  • Learn the basics, then advance at your own pace.

  • Includes valuable picking exercises with audio and tablature for pick control.

  • You will learn how to play scales and chord progressions with examples.

  • We show you how to properly practice scale exercises with real guitar audio.

  • Once you learn the scales, you will play over the backup rhythm tracks.

  • Rhythm tracks include drums as well. This will help in playing with a group.

  • Includes all the guitar lessons below, plus much more.

  • Guitar triplets 

  • Hammer-on and Bending 

  • Guitar Tuning

  • Learn Tablature

  • Guitar fret board 

  • A minor grouping 

  • Am Trill Exercise 

  • C major trill exercise 

  • Am pentatonic 

  • Am at C note 

  • Am at D 

  • Am at E 

  • Am at G 

  • Am root 17 

  • Am open 

  • Am at the G 

  • A Blues Scale 

  • Today's scales 

  • Guitar scale animations 

  • A major scales

  • B major scales

  • C major scales

  • D major scales

  • E major scales

  • F major scales

  • F# major scales

  • G major scales

  • A major pentatonic

  • B major pentatonic

  • C major pentatonic

  • D major pentatonic

  • E major pentatonic

  • F major pentatonic

  • G major pentatonic

  • Guitar chords 

  • Open chords 

  • Root 5 bar chords 

  • Root 5 minor guitar chords

  • Root 6 bar chords 

  • Major Bar Chords

  • Chords illustrated 

  • Chord inversions

  • Power chords

  • Constructing chords

  • C chord illustrated 

  • Chord formula's

  • Melody playing techniques

  • G progression

  • A progression 

  • Open A progression 

  • A major progressions

  • B major progressions

  • C major progressions

  • D major progressions

  • E major progressions

  • F major progressions

  • G major progressions

  • Harmonic minor progressions

  • Melodic minor progressions

  • Minor progressions

  • Guitar timing 

  • 12 Bar Blues 

  • Guitar rhythm

  • Root 5 and 6 progressions

  • Guitar finger picking 

  • C major modes

  • Ionian mode

  • Dorian mode

  • Phrygian mode

  • Lydian mode

  • Mixolydian mode

  • Aeolian mode

  • Locrian mode

  • Basic major scale fingerings

  • C Major fingering exercises

  • F major modes 

  • G modes and information

  • Constructing Major Scales

  • Major scale theory

  • Key Signatures 

  • Modulation

  • Cadence

  • Guitar licks

  • Quadruplet exercises

  • Exercises with guitar audio

  • Progressions with guitar audio

  • Arpeggio construction

  • Lead keys illustrated

  • Arpeggio exercises 

  • Blues lead and rhythm lesson

  • 5 different drum tracks

  • Chord construction technique

  • Capo Instructions

  • Video and audio

Check out our Play Along CD. This is a must to Jam to.

Guitar Secrets Play Along CD.
Includes 7 professionally designed Instrumental Backup tracks.

Each song has been designed for you to practice specific scales and keys. For example, the first 3 songs are rock/blues based. Each song is in a different key.

Now you can play along with professionally designed rhythm tracks. The Play along CD includes suggested scales with illustrations to help you play like a pro.

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Play along CD

Instrumental Jam Tracks

Ships within 2-3 days
Item Number: CD1
Format: CD

    Play along CD Information

Our play along CD includes 7 professionally designed backup tracks. Each Song includes everything you need to get jamming. Our jam tracks will help you play like a professional. It's like having your own professional band to rehearse with.

This CD ROM is great for guitar, vocals, harmonica and much more.

Each song has been designed for you to practice specific scales and keys. For example, the first 3 songs are rock/blues based. Each song is in a different key.

  • Song 1: C blues. The chord progression used will be C7 F7 G7. Play Cm pentatonic or C blues scale.

  • Song 1: C blues. Listen to this track without lead added.

  • Song 1: C blues. Listen to this track with a lead guitar part added. I just played something using Cm pentatonic.

  • Song 2: A blues. The chord progression used will be A7 D7 E7. Play Am pentatonic or A blues scale.

  • Song 3: E blues. The chord progression used will be E7 A7 B7. Play Em pentatonic of E blues scale.

  • Song 4: C slow acoustic song: The chord progression used is C C Em FMaj7: Play C major scale. You can also play A minor scale.

  • Song 5: Slow Jam: Chords used Am Dm. Play Am scale over the Am and Dm scale over the Dm.

  • Song 6: Rock song. Chords used in this progression will be Em CMaj7 and D. Play Em scale and G major scale.

  • Song 7: Rock song. Chords used in this progression will be Am FMaj7 and G. Play Am and C major scale.

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