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Learn guitar modes in the key of C Major

The names of each guitar mode are from the ancient Greek language. The Ionian mode is a medieval church mode corresponding to the modern major diatonic scale, or the first mode of the major key. The first mode in the major key is always the Ionian mode. This means if you are in the key of G major, G would be the Ionian mode.

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Learn how to tune your guitar

The first thing you should do when you pick up your guitar is tune it. This will save you from losing that perfect lead because the G-string was flat. Tuning your guitar will also train your ear to the different sounds of each note.

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Learn How To Play Guitar Fast
Free 14 Day Guitar Speed Mini Course

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Guitar Secrets online guitar lessons

Guitar Lesson 1 Guitar fretboard and strings
Guitar Lesson 2 Guitar fretboard and notes
Guitar Lesson 3 Guitar fretboard and notes
Guitar Lesson 4 Sharp and Flat guitar notes
Guitar Lesson 5 Guitar fingering exercises
Guitar Lesson 6 Learn to read guitar tablature
Guitar Lesson 7 A minor pentatonic scale
Guitar Lesson 8 Guitar triplets
Guitar Lesson 9 Arpeggio exercise in C
Root 6 bar chords Learn to play bar chords
Blues / Rock lead guitar Lead and blues type rhythm
Guitar Modes in C Major  Learn to play modes in C
F Major Modes and lead guitar in the key of F
Guitar Tuning  Learn how to tune your guitar
Guitar Lesson  Guitar capo instructions
Guitar Lesson   Quadruplets in C major