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Arpeggio Exercise in C major 

The illustration below shows an arpeggio exercise using the chords of C, Dm, F and G. This exercise should be mastered. The fingering has been included for most of the chords. Notice that each note in the tablature is formed by the chord illustrated. To play this smoothly, your fingers must roll slightly. This means that you don't just finger the chords as normal. 

Notice the first note in the illustration below. The 8 = the C note at the 8th fret Low E string. You begin with your 1 finger, but notice you end with the 8 note 1 finger on the B string. Both of those notes are played with the tip of your index finger. In other words, don't bar that C chord when playing this exercise. Try to roll your fingers along. This sound file may sound corny, but it should be learned completely. You should play it smoothly sounding each note clean.

This exercise will strengthen your fingers and get you moving around the fretboard. Once you learn this in the key of C major, move everything to the 5th fret and learn to play it in the key of A major. You can use the same fingering patterns at the new locations, but the chords would be A, Bm, D and E.

Listen to the exercise.


C major arpeggio exercise

Good luck,

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