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C major guitar exerices

Guitar Exercises

You can use these exercises to really move around the fret board. The first exercise is the C Major scale.

c major notes and exercises

Take a look at the image to the left. You will notice seven sections. Each section includes the notes in the key of C Major. The first note of the C Major key is the C note. The second note is the D note, then the E note, F, G, A, B and C notes in that order. In the example to follow, we will use these notes of the C major scale. 



The exercise below is played from C to C in the key of C major using 3 notes per string. Your lead guitar playing can gain lots of speed when you play this scale with 3 notes per string. You will want to incorporate some and pull offs to increase speed and dexterity.

key of c major exercises





The numbers above illustrate the fingers to use for each note. The tablature is included below. To play this scale, you would start on the A string, 3rd

guitar scales exercises

Here's a lick using the G major Ionian mode, 3 notes per string in the key of G Major.

The exercise above requires some stretching of the fretting hand. These are some of the best scale runs you could ever practice. These exercises will begin to built up the strength and speed you will need.

 C major exercise




This next scale run above starts at the 8th fret low E string C note, 1 finger.guitar exercises





The second note played would be the Low E string 10 fret, 3 finger, D note. The next note played would be the Low E string 12 fret, 4 finger, E note. Play this exercise from left to right, starting at the 8th fret Low E string and work your way down to the B string. Three notes per string and it does require some stretching. The numbers on the strings represent the fingering to use and each number is on the particular fret you play. Once you make your way to the B string, work your way back up from the B string to the Low E string.

When you play these exercises, try to play with a six note run. 1,2,3,4,5,6

Study Tablature

Play the exercise above from left to right starting on the High E string 8th fret. The numbers below the scale represent the suggested fingering to use. 

Practice these exercises in every key. These exercises are in C major, but you can easily convert them to other keys. For example: By moving this entire scale down to the 10 fret starting on the D note 1 finger, you would be playing in the key D major Ionian.

guitar fingering exercise

Start on the E note 12 fret, 1 finger, then you would be playing E major Ionian and so on. Check out all of the modes and fingerings in the
C major chapter.

Good luck,

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