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Guitar exercises and fingerings

These guitar exercises will make playing chords and lead guitar that much easier.

I've stressed to you more than once that it is important to learn the finger numbering system. This fingering system is illustrated once more in the left box below. 

The guitar notes in this exercise are played from left to right. Start at the 5th fret Low E string which is the fattest string. Play 4 notes to each string one note at a time using the fingers 1-2-3-4. Then move down to the A string 1-2-3-4 always alternate the pick down then up. Continue playing 4 notes to every string one at a time. Then reverse this process moving back up from the high E or thinnest string 4-3-2-1 to the Low E string.

Tablature below.


1 = Index
2 = Middle
3 = Ring
4 = Pinkie
T = Thumb

Guitar Exercises

When you become comfortable playing this exercise, you may want to start on the 6th or 7th fret or any where you like. Keep the same fingering 1-2-3-4 on each string and remember to alternate the pick. Your fingers may get tired or have a difficult time stretching, but it will eventually become easier.

Tablature below.


gutiar picking exercises

The numbers are the fingers and frets you play. Start at the Low E string and work your way from the left to right.
1,2 - 2,1   2,3 - 3,2   3,4 - 4,3 and so on all the way through e
ach string. Remember to alternated your pick to help build up speed.


Gutiar picking exercises and lead guitar

Play one note at a time 1,2,1  2,3,2  3,4,3  2,3,2. Then move to the next string and repeat.

This is an excellent exercise. Once again, the numbers are your fingers and the frets. Once you're comfortable with this exercise, try to play it without using your picking hand. Hammer ons and pull offs.


Guitar exercises and guitar picking

Start on the Low E string and work your way down using each string. Start from the left to right. Alternate your pick.

Each number is your finger and fret. Pick each note one at a time and alternate your pick. Notice you start on the Low E string. Once you pick all four notes, move down to the A string and do the same thing using the A, D and G strings. Continued picking one note per string using all the strings. Once you become comfortable, move this exercise all over the fretboard.

The next lesson covers Triplets.

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