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G Major diatonic triads using type 2 fingering.

Please review the lesson on type 2 fingering patterns.

Recall from the previous lessons that each major scale is constructed with 7 different notes and chords. The notes and chords in the key of G major are, G Am Bm C D Em F# diminished. The lesson below will show you how to play over each chord listed using arpeggios and also the scale over each chord. The numbers under each illustration are the suggested fingering for each note. Notice that the tablature for each chord below begins with an arpeggio. Once again, an arpeggio would be playing each note of the chord one note at a time. Also notice how each chord below leads into the next. 

The G chord below ends on the B note and then leads into the A for the Am chord. The A minor chord ends on the C note and then leads into the B minor and so on. You should play this exercise until you can play each note smoothly and at a good pace. But, it is always a good idea to start out slow or at a comfortable speed.

Once you learn to play this exercise in the key of G major, move everything up two frets higher and play it in the key of A major. This means you can use this same pattern to play in another key. We know that the key of G major root note fret is at the 3rd fret, low E string. By moving the first pattern of the root G position to the 5th fret you would have the key of A major. By moving the first pattern to the 7th fret would now be in the key of B major and so on. All the other patterns move up as well. If you moved up two frets to the key of A major, the notes and chords would be: A, Bm, C#m, D E F#m G# diminished. All the fingering patterns would be the same.



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