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Guitar Secrets, Lead Guitar Made Easy, Instructional CD ROM

Lead Guitar Made Easy, Order today and learn to Rock!

Play Along Instrumental Jam Tracks

  • Jam with your own band

  • Includes 7 professionally designed play along tracks.

  • Learn to improvise

  • Learn to play in time

  • It's like having your own band to rehearse with

  • Use the recommended guitar scale illustrations to play over each jam track

  • Only $9.95

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See how many different lead parts or melodies you can come up with. You will be amazed at how much better you will get when improvising over the tracks.

Guitar Secrets Instrucmental jam tracks

Play Along Instrumental Tracks
Includes 7 professionally designed Instrumental Play Along Tracks.

The play along CD includes 7 professionally designed backup tracks. Each Song includes everything you need to get jamming. The play along jam tracks will help you learn to play like a professional. It's like having your own professional band to rehearse with.

You can practice different scales or melodies without worrying about stopping the band. You can also sing over the tracks or play harmonica. Playing in time with the band is vital, so order your play along tracks today and learn to improvise.

Each play along track has been designed for you to practice specific scales from different keys. For example, the first 3 tracks are rock/blues based. Each of the first 3 tracks are in a different key. This will help you improvise and help you move around the fretboard. All of the suggested scales have been included.

  • Song 1: C blues. The chord progression used will be C7 F7 G7. Play Cm pentatonic or C blues scale.

  • Song 1: C blues. Listen to this track without lead added.

  • Song 1: C blues. Listen to this track with a lead guitar part added. I just played something using Cm pentatonic.

  • Song 2: A blues. The chord progression used will be A7 D7 E7. Play Am pentatonic or A blues scale.

  • Song 3: E blues. The chord progression used will be E7 A7 B7. Play Em pentatonic of E blues scale.

  • Song 4: C slow acoustic song: The chord progression used is C C Em FMaj7: Play C major scale. You can also play A minor scale.

  • Song 5: Slow Jam: Chords used Am Dm. Play Am scale over the Am and Dm scale over the Dm.

  • Song 6: Rock song. Chords used in this progression will be Em CMaj7 and D. Play Em scale and G major scale.

  • Song 7: Rock song. Chords used in this progression will be Am FMaj7 and G. Play Am and C major scale.

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