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Blues shuffle
12 Bar Blues Shuffle in E and guitar progressions

12 bar blues shuffle and guitar progressions

12 bar blues

blues guitar progressions

12 bar blues

To be the greatest guitar player, you will need to play rhythm guitar. You must force yourself to play all types of music. A simple blues shuffle can lead to many new things. Play this blues progression in every key. 

Play this progression in the key of A. A(7), D(7) and E(7). Crossroads will illustrate this key for playing Rock and the blues

This is the fingering pattern for the E blues scale at the root note position or open and 12th position. Mess around with this scale and I will eventually put down a few riffs to use with this scale. Notice that both fingerings and notes are the same. All notes and scales repeat after 12 frets. The notes circled in red are the Root notes which are the E notes.


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