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Now we will work on the Lydian Mode. The Lydian Mode is the 4th note in the major key. The 4th note in C Major is the F note. The F chord is a major chord, so the Lydian Mode will be a major mode.

  • So far we have covered the C Major or Ionian mode. The Dorian mode or Dm mode and the E Phrygian or Em mode.

  • Now we will learn the F Lydian mode.








  • Try to memorize all the notes in the F major chord. Also, try to memorize all the notes that make up each chord. Remember, each section to the left has the notes of each chord in the key of C major.

Look at the image below and notice the fingering for this mode. Instead of starting on the F at the 13th fret Low E string, we will start on the F on the 8th fret A string. Please notice I cut some frets out of the image for extra room. To play this mode start on the A string 8th fret, 1 finger, then the 3 and 4 finger. Move to the D string 9th fret 1 finger, then 2 and 4 finger. The G string is next, 1 and 2 finger, then stretch 4 finger. Finish off the scale with the last two strings. Notice on this image I only highlighted the F notes. Remember the Lydian mode is from F to F.

Lydian mode in the key of C major

Look at the image below and memorize where all the notes are positioned. 3 F notes are highlighted below. This position requires some stretching and will give you a good work out. Practice this fingering a few hundred times and try to memorize it completely. Actually you should try to memorize all of the modes and fingering positions. Eventually they will become second nature.

lydian mode and scales of the key of C major

Look at the image below. This shows the F starting at the 13th fret low E string. Play from the F 2 finger 13th fret low E string to F high E string. Notice that the F notes are highlighted.

Lydian mode and fingering

The image below shows the fingering from F to F. Notice I've included the E note at the Low E string 12th fret and the G note high E string 15th fret. But remember to play from F to F. Notice the E minor Root note fret pattern below starting at the 12 fret. Play the pattern below a few hundred times. If your having a problem recalling the fingering system, please go back and review the A minor pentatonic and fingering lessons. 

Look at the image very closely below. Notice the F major pentatonic scale in there. 2-4, 1-4, 1-4, 1-3, 2-4, 2-4. You can play this scale over the F too, and is highly recommended. All of the major pentatonic scales have the same fingering pattern. 

2-4, 1-4, 1-4, 1-3, 2-4, 2-4. Check out Am pent at the 8th fret, this is the pattern there for C major pentatonic. It is also the same fingering pattern below at the the 13th fret. It would be the same fingering pattern staring at the 1st fret F note. But here you would have to use some open strings to play it.

Locrian mode in C major

In the next lesson we will be covering the 5th mode or G Major mode in C Major. The Greek name for this scale is Mixolydian. The Mixolydian mode is a major mode and is played from G to G in the Key of C. 

Good Luck

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