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Includes over 150 online guitar lessons.
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A Visual Learning Experience includes all the lessons listed below.
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Includes all the lessons below, plus much more for only $19.95 

Includes progression charts with chords and guitar audio examples. The charts will illustrate progressions in each major key, over 90 of them. These progression charts are great for song writing. Just pick out the desired chords and use the recommended scales to improvise with.

Learn to play the major and pentatonic scales up and down the fret-board with illustrations, tablature and Guitar audio and Video files. audio and Video files.

Do you know how to play all the major scales? Can you play the pentatonic scale in any key? Do you know what chords to use for every major key? Do you know how to play quadruplets or the E Aeolian mode? Can you play 6 different progressions in every major key? Do you know what chords to use for the harmonic or melodic minor scales? 

  • Each of the major and harmonic minor progressions will have the recommended fingering for each chord. These progressions are ideal for both electric and acoustic guitars. Each progression will mix in the different types of bar chords.

  • Scales with tablature and real guitar audio files, so you can master the fretboard in all positions.

  • Learn how to play and use the pentatonic scales, major scales and more.

  • Tablature and guitar audio for A, B, C, D, E, F and G major pentatonic scales. 

  • Learn the major scales, A, B, C, D, E, F, F# and G.

  • Learn an excellent technique to create melodies in any key or scale. Easy step by step instructions. Use this technique to build scale runs.

  • Includes all the lessons below, plus much more.

Check out all the Guitar Lessons that are Included, plus much more….
  • Guitar triplets 
  • Hammer-on and Bending 
  • Guitar Tuning
  • Learn Tablature
  • Guitar fretboard 
  • A minor grouping 
  • Am Trill Exercise 
  • C major trill exercise 
  • Am pentatonic 
  • Am at C note 
  • Am at D 
  • Am at E 
  • Am at G 
  • Am root 17 
  • Am open 
  • Am at the G 
  • A Blues Scale 
  • Today’s scales 
  • Guitar scale animations 
  • A major scales
  • B major scales
  • C major scales
  • D major scales
  • E major scales
  • F major scales
  • F# major scales
  • G major scales
  • A major pentatonic
  • B major pentatonic
  • C major pentatonic
  • D major pentatonic
  • E major pentatonic
  • F major pentatonic
  • G major pentatonic
  • Guitar chords 
  • Open chords 
  • Root 5 bar chords 
  • Root 5 minor guitar chords
  • Root 6 bar chords 
  • Major Bar Chords
  • Power chords 
  • Chords illustrated 
  • Chord inversions  
  • Constructing chords
  • C chord illustrated 
  • Chord formula’s
  • Melody and mode techniques
  • G progression
  • A progression 
  • Open A progression 
  • A major progressions
  • B major progressions
  • C major progressions
  • D major progressions
  • E major progressions
  • F major progressions
  • G major progressions
  • Harmonic minor progressions
  • Melodic minor progressions
  • Minor progressions
  • Guitar timing 
  • 12 Bar Blues 
  • Guitar rhythm
  • Root 5 and 6 progressions
  • Guitar finger picking 
  • C major modes
  • Ionian mode
  • Dorian mode
  • Phrygian mode
  • Lydian mode
  • Mixolydian mode
  • Aeolian mode
  • Locrian mode
  • Basic major scale fingerings
  • C Major fingering exercises
  • F major modes 
  • G modes and information
  • Constructing Major Scales
  • Major scale theory
  • Key Signatures 
  • Modulation
  • Cadence
  • Guitar licks
  • Playing over non diatonic chords
  • Quadruplet exercises
  • Exercises with real guitar audio
  • Progressions with real guitar audio
  • Arpeggio construction
  • Lead keys illustrated
  • Arpeggio exercises 
  • Blues lead and rhythm lesson
  • 5 different drum tracks
  • Chord construction technique
  • Guitar Capo Instructions