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Am Grouping

4th string root guitar chords and related guitar scales

Major Scale Theory
Guitar Modes in C major

Guitar Lesson 1
Learn about the fretboard.

Guitar Lesson 2
Guitar fretboard continued.

Guitar Lesson 3
Guitar picking Exercises.

Guitar Lesson 4
Guitar picking and fretting exercises.

Guitar Lesson 5
Learning the A minor pentatonic scale.

Guitar Lesson 17B  Learn the modes in the key of C major.

Guitar Lesson 18 Constructing the major scales.

Guitar Lesson 18B
Key Signatures.


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This is the tablature to the song DEE as recorded by Randy Rhoads. Randy had a classical background. When ever Randy was on the road, he hired guitar instructors to help him out with his classical studies. One of his favorite modes was the Aeolian mode he used it extensively.

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