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Root 5 bar chords or power chords.
Guitar chords determined by the not on the A string.

In this chapter I would like to explain the Root 5 bar chords. This chord is determined by the note on the 5th string. This bar chord is movable and enables you to play all of the major guitar bar chords along the A string. 

These guitar chords can be used as power chords as well. 

This video explains the major and minor, root 5 and root 6 bar chords.



Open A guitar chord A Guitar chord

root 5 bar chord, power guitar chord

The first two pictures to the left, show the A major chord in the open position. The next picture shows the A chord converted into the root 5 bar chord. 

If your index finger is positioned on the 3rd fret, it would be the C major chord. This is because the note on the A string 3rd fret is the C note. If you slid this fingering to the 5th fret, it would be the D chord. If you slid it to the 7th fret, it would be the E chord and so on all along the A string.

This is a very important chord and one of the most popular played.

The Low E string is not played with this type of chord. Notice how my thumb lays over the Low E string to mute it so it won't sound. However, in heavy rock you can use the Low E string and play these chords.

Root 5 bar chord, power chord, or C chord.

These are very important guitar chords and should be learned. Play this chord in every position along the fret board. Remember the chord is determined by the note on the A string 1 finger. 

This chord can easily be converted to the A5 chord or root 5 chord. The A5, G5, C5 and so on are used in rock music. Leads are very easy to play over the root 5 type chords. You can write some heavy music using these chords in your songs.

C5 root 5 bar chord. Power chords Look to the left and notice how the C chord has now been converted to the C 5 chord. This was done by removing the E note. Now you are playing just the C and G notes. Look at the illustration below. This could be considered as the C5 power chord. Popular guitar chords used in Rock.
Root 5 bar chords, power chords You play the C and G notes only. You can move this chord in different places to play other chords too. Notice it is a C5 chord because of the C note 3rd fret A string. If you moved this same fingering to the D note 5th fret A string it would be the D 5 chord. Look below.
root 5 power chord, D5 chord. This is now the D5 chord. Notice the D note 5th fret, A string. Move these chords around the fret board and put some rhythms together. You can now use the Am or A5, C major or C5, D5, and G 5 chords in the Am pentatonic leads. You can also use E5 and Em, since this chord is in the key of C major. D5 power chord.
Play this rhythm to rock out.

root 5 bar chord progression Here is a rhythm using the A5, C5, D5 and G5. Practice this until you can play in by memory and then come up with a few of your own.

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