C major triplets

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C major triplets and quadruplet exercises.
Must learn

In this lesson, we are going to concentrate on the key of C major. The fingering exercises outlined, include triplets and quadruplets. Triplets equal 3 notes per beat and quadruplets equal 4 notes per beat. We are going to use 3 main different scale pattern locations. Practice all 12 patterns until you have them memorized. Once you learn these exercises, you can move them to other keys very easy. For example, the first exercise starts at the 3rd fret and you play C to C through 2 octaves. If you move this complete pattern up two frets, you would now be playing the exercise in the key of D major. You can move all of these patterns up and down the fret-board and switch to other keys. This lesson is very important and you should master it. It's a good idea, if possible, to play each of these examples with some type of metronome, that way you can start slow and raise the time as you get stronger.

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