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Guitar Lessons

Drum Track
Blues Drum track 1
Blues Drum track 2
Heavy metal Drum track
Ballad drum track
Acoustic Rhythm Track C Am F and G
Acoustic Rhythm Track with sample lead
Tablature for the C Am F and G lead.
Learn more about this rhythm and lead

Am penatonic scale root note fret
Am pentatonic scale at C
Am pentatonic scale at D
Am pentatonic scale at E
C major scale
C# minor progression and lead
Am, F and G type progression
Dm, Am progression
Hammer ons
Bending example
Am pentatonic triplets
A type power chords
A power chord and lead example
A power chord and bending example
A power chord then C5, D5 chord
A power chord then C5 D5 example
E type power chords
E type bar chord
Am type bar chords
Am scale 5th fret
Guitar tuning
Reading tablature
Tuning basics 
Open A for tuning
All strings for tuning

Guitar fret-board
Blank fret-board illustrations
Blank guitar forms
Blank tablature forms
Blank chord charts
Major progressions and progression charts

Minor progressions

Harmonic minor progressions

Melodic minor progressions

Melody construction
Key of C major and modes

Ionian mode

Dorian mode

Phrygian mode

Lydian mode

Mixolydian mode
Aeolian mode
Locrian mode
Modes and Lead
A minor pentatonic scales
Pentatonic minor scales and keys
Major Pentatonic scales and tablature
Four basic major scale fingering types
Major scales
A blues scale
A blues lead and rhythm
12 bar blues in Gm with rhythm track
12 Bar Blues Shuffle in E
Scales of the day

A type scales
Scale construction

Key signatures

Major key table
Common chords and keys
Lead key A major

Key of B major

Key of C major

Key of D major

Key of E major

Key of F major

Key of G major
Chord Formulas

Guitar Chords

Open position chords

Guitar root 6 bar chords

Root 6 bar chords

Power chord lesson

Power chords

Root 5 bar chords
Root 5 Major bar chords

Root 5 minor bar chords
Root 4 chords
Constructing 7 chords

C chords and positions
Chord Substitution
Picking exercises

Exercises are a must to Rock
C Ionian Exercises
C major scale using quadruplets
D major exercise and melodic patterns
F major lead and mode exercises
G major scale exercise.
Am F and G progression
Guitar Capo Instructions
Hammer-ons – pull-offs – bending


Am pentatonic grouping

Am Trill
C major Trill

Guitar licks
Heavier rhythm and lead
Chord inversions
Harmonizing in 3rds
Harmonizing triads
Guitar picking
Arpeggios and construction
C major arpeggio exercise
G major arpeggio exercise
Slow Song Tab
E Phrygian Mode Heavy

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