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12 Guitar Chords Every Guitar Player Must Learn  D – C – G progression

Open position Guitar Chords

guitar chords

E Chord

E 6th guitar chord E 7th guitar chord
guitar chords E 9th chord Em chord
E minor 6th guitar chord E minor 7th guitar chord E minor 9th guitar chord
E diminished chord G guitar chord

G Chord

G major chord

G Chord
Different fingering


G 6th chord G 7th chord movable major 7th chord
A major chord

A Chord

A 6th chord A 7th chord
A major 7 chord A minor chord A minor 6th chord


A minor 7th chord C major chord

C Chord

C major 7th chord
C 7th chord

D Chord

D 6th chord
D 7th chord D major 7th chord D minor chord

D minor Chord


D minor 6th chord D minor 7th chord movable diminished chord
F major chord

F Major using thumb

Movable f major bar chord

F Major E bar chord

F major 7th chord


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