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Guitar Modes and major and minor guitar scales

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Guitar scales of the day

Today's most popular guitar scales used in ROCK

The first scale illustrated will be the Pentatonic minor scale. This scale is one of the most popular scales used in ROCK guitar. Due to its popularity and great song writing capabilities, I have personally showed every position throughout our lessons. The greatest guitarists of all time have used this scale. It is vital to have a full understanding of this scale and how it can be converted or added to other scales to produce unbelievable phrases. Each scale will be shown in the root note fret position for ease of explanation. However, it is strongly advised that you learn each scale in every position of the guitar fret-board.

The second scale is the A blues scale, note one note has been added to the pentatonic scale. By added that one note to the pentatonic scale, you now get that distinct blues sound.

The 3rd scale is the major pentatonic at the V position.

The 4th scale is the A Dorian mode and the A blues combined. Use the examples illustrated below and you will be rocking in no time.

The tablature for each scale is shown below. Start with the first exercise and

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