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Guitar timing exercises

Notice that in the first measure, you play the A note, at the 2nd fret. Play that A note on the 1 beat and count out 4 beats. 1 an 2 an 3 an 4 an, then in the second measure, you  hit the A note again on the 1 beat.

Once you hit the A note in the second measure, you count 1 an 2 and on the 3 beat, you hit the A note again and so on. Count out load until you can hit each beat smoothly and in time.

Notice below, in the image, that the whole note = 4 beats. You play the note  on the first beat then count out 4 beats.

The half note = 2 beats. You play the note on every other beat.

The quarter note = 1 beat per note. You play the note on each beat.

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