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Simple Rhythm Guitar

Here’s an idea using the chords of E5, D5, C5 and B5. You can base your lead in G major, Em and C major. I will begin to explain now to use these different scales to play over this one simple rhythm. No you don’t have to tap, it just came out. You can come up with an endless number of ideas using this one simple rhythm. You need to own a recorder and lay down some progressions and improvise over them. If you don’t have a recorder, we offer a play along CD for you to improvise over. 

Listen to this lead and rhythm. When I recorded this, my guitar was tuned to Eb. So if you want your rhythm to match this you need to tune your guitar down 1/2 step.

The beginning part of the lead uses only the B string. The last part of the lead uses every note of G major on the High E string up to the B note 19th fret.

Good Luck

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