Guitar Secrets

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The Lead Guitar Made Easy Instructional Program
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Includes over 150 professionally designed guitar lessons.

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Over 150 guitar lessons to help you learn to Rock!

  • Works on the kindle
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  • Also available online in the in Gold Level Section

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Download your lessons today and learn right!


I started to review your lessons. I am amazed by this instructional package, is very well put together and effective (as far as translating the ideas go). It is a great investment. I am a keyboard player that loves the guitar and wanted something like this for a long time. Thank you, Noel.

Who do you guys think you are? I have just tried out my “Visual Learning Experience” for the first time; and you have caused me to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of so-called instruction books, cd’s, tapes, and downloads galore. Are you trying to remake the “guitar-lessons-experience” trauma. What right do you have to make all this agony …… so: easy, entertaining, educational, and affordable! Shame on you! I intend to report you to every one that will listen. 😉 RJ GELLER

Received my Guitar Secrets lessons, it is what I have been looking for. …It is simple to navigate and is not loaded down with all of the useless glitter that I have found on the other learning software that I have tried. This rocks! Keep On! Steve

I’ve played rhythm for years and not knowing lead has always been a mystery to me. Like a jigsaw puzzle undone. Thanks to your in depth lessons on learning the fret-board and how to apply riffs, finally all the pieces fit. I highly recommend these lessons.

Michael said “Very nice, best $20 I ever spent, and you’re a good teacher”. Thank you.

Bill Said “hello got your lessons. It is awesome!!! Thanks a million”.

I just received A Visual Learning Experience lessons and would like to let you know, these are the best lessons I’ve ever seen. Thank you Gary

I have been toying/learning from your lessons, they’re terrific. Thanks for putting out such a great product. Scott

Hello, My name is Steve and I purchased “Guitar Secrets” a few months ago. It is an invaluable tool and I am learning and growing in my knowledge and practical application of that knowledge toward the guitar. Your course is absolutely the best! Thanks, Steve

Got everything today and I love the secrets lessons. Nice job. I spent two years with a composer/teacher to learn this and now a fine refresher. Thanks, Wayne

This is a great program! I am so frustrated with guitar teachers that don’t have a format or any structured training plan. And most guitar heads are not teachers, they can play but getting the info to you is another story. This is well worth the money. I hope to cover every section. Thanks again. Mike

I love your lessons! I have wanted to study lead, melodies, and theory, but could never find a concise easy to understand presentation. You have done it. I bought my copy a while back. This one I am giving to a friend for his birthday. Great publication! Tom

I EXPLORED your lessons, WINNER ALREADY! Being able to play chords along with recorded audio is going to be a new experience for me — kinda like having my own private teacher and band available 24/7! I already printed out the fret board charts (2 types) so I can continue my study of pentatonic scales and note positions.

Thanks Again for providing me a wonderful method to learn the guitar in the most efficient way possible. Sincerely, Willie






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