Guitar Chord Triad Inversions

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Harmonizing    Harmonizing in 3rds

Harmonizing with triads 

Triads and guitar chord inversions. Play 3 note guitar chord inversions

In this lesson, you will learn how to play triads, (three note chords). The illustrations below, include the A major, A minor, A diminished and A Augmented guitar chord inversions. These are a must to learn and understand.

The A major chord has the notes of A C# and E.

In the first measure below, you start on the 5th fret, which is the A note and you play the notes of A C# and E. ie. 5-4-2.

In the 2nd measure, you play the A major chord, but start on the C# note, fourth fret. Notes C#, E and A. ie 4-2-2.

In the 3rd measure, you start on the 7th fret, which is the E note. Notes E, A and C#. ie. 7-7-6.

You should be able to figure out the next sequence of notes. All of the chords have been included with tablature. Play all of the chords up and down the fret-board. In the next illustration, you will learn to play the guitar chord inversions using the A minor chord.

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