Quadruplet exercise

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Once you learn to play each of the C major scale exercises illustrated below, you can easily move these patterns ether up or down the fret-board to change the key. For example, you can move this entire fingering pattern down 3 frets and start on the 5th fret and play in the key of A major. If you started this pattern on the 3rd fret, you could play in the key of G major. Moving to the 12th fret, you would be in E major and so on. This is a must learn guitar exercise. You will be playing quadruplets, or 4 notes per beat.

The numbers in the image below represents each finger to use. Notice how you can play 3 notes per string and really burn up the fret-board. This exercise will really get your fingers in shape. It is highly recommended that you use the suggested fingering pattern that is illustrated.

The tablature has also been included.

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