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Guitar Lesson 7

Am pentatonic scale

In our last guitar lesson we covered the Am pentatonic scale at the root note fret position. You were asked to memorize the fingering of the root note fret position and learn to play each guitar note smoothly. Once you master this pentatonic scale, others will be no problem.

The Root note fret for the A minor pentatonic scale starts at the 5th fret. The note on the Low E String5th fret is the A note. That means that every minor pentatonic scale root note fret gets its name from the note on the Low E string. If you moved this exact fingering pattern to the 3rd fret, it would now be Gm pentatonic scale root note fret. If you moved it to the 12th fret, it would be Em pentatonic root note fret. This may be one of the most important things to comprehend. In time, you will be able to play a lead in any key with no problem at all.

I hope everyone had a chance to practice the Am, F and G chords. We will now begin to build our own song using those chords and eventually others. I have written a slow rhythm using Am, F and G chords. You can listen to this song and begin to learn it. This wav file takes time to load and may begin to play before it is fully loaded.

This may cause it to skip, but when it finally does load it should play fine. Slow song. You will need to listen to this song and try to figure it out from ear. Listen to it as much as possible and try to play each note. In our next lesson, I will write out the tab to it and you can see how close you were.

pentatonic scale and the root note fret

Look at the note on the Low E string 5th fret. That note is the A note. All the notes of this scale are in the 5th fret, this is how you determine it to be the Am pentatonic scale root note fret.

Before we play lead guitar using this scale, you need to be able to play this scale in your sleep. This scale and variations of this scale are used by the greatest guitarists in the world. Rock, blues, punk, metal you name it, they use it.

I wouldn't be wasting your time if it wasn't that important to learn. 


Good Luck

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