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Chords determined by note on 5th string

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Root 5 bar chords or power chords. Guitar chords on the 5th or A string

In this chapter I would like to explain the Root 5 bar chords. This chord is determined by the note on the 5th string. This bar chord is movable and enables you to play all of the major chords along the A string. These chords can be used as power chords as well. 

Open A guitar chord

A Guitar chord

root 5 bar chord, power guitar chord

The first two pictures to the left, show the A major chord in the open position. The next picture shows the A chord converted into the root 5 bar chord. 

If your index finger is positioned on the 3rd fret, it would be the C major chord. This is because the note on the A string 3rd fret is the C note. If you slid this fingering to the 5th fret, it would be the D chord. If you slid it to the 7th fret, it would be the E chord and so on all along the A string. This is a very important chord and one of the most popular played.

The Low E string is not played with this type of chord. Notice how my thumb lays over the Low E string to mute it so it won’t sound. However, in heavy rock you can use the Low E string and play these chords. 

Root 5 bar chord, power chord, or C chord.

These are very important guitar chords and should be learned. Play this chord in every position along the fret board. Remember the chord is determined by the note on the A string 1 finger. 

This chord can easily be converted to the A5 chord or root 5 chord. The A5, G5, C5 and so on are used in rock music. Leads are very easy to play over the root 5 type chords. You can write some heavy music using these chords in your songs.

C5 root 5 bar chord. Power chords Look to the left and notice how the C chord has now been converted to the C 5 chord. This was done by removing the E note. Now you are playing just the C and G notes. Look at the illustration below. This could be considered as the C5 power chord. Popular guitar chords used in Rock.
Root 5 bar chords, power chords You play the C and G notes only. You can move this chord in different places to play other chords too. Notice it is a C5 chord because of the C note 3rd fret A string. If you moved this same fingering to the D note 5th fret A string it would be the D 5 chord. Look below.
root 5 power chord, D5 chord. This is now the D5 chord. Notice the D note 5th fret, A string. Move these chords around the fret board and put some rhythms together. You can now use the Am or A5, C major or C5, D5, and G 5 chords in the Am pentatonic leads. You can also use E5 and Em, since this chord is in the key of C major. D5 power chord.

The YouTube Video shows you how to play Root 6 bar chords, Root 5 bar chords and power chords.

Play this rhythm to rock out.

root 5 bar chord progression Here is a rhythm using the A5, C5, D5 and G5. Practice this until you can play in by memory and then come up with a few of your own.

A Visual Learning Experience

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