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Learning the guitar fretboard and strings

In our first homework assignment you were asked to fill in all the notes of the fretboard. Your illustration should have looked something like the one below. Our illustration on the homework did not have this many frets though.

Guitar fretboard and notes

In our next lesson we need to work on the open strings. Your guitar whether Spanish, Guild acoustic, Les Paul, electric, old or new should have six strings. Each string like each key on the piano has a particular purpose.

The Low E string or Fattest string when picked open (not fretting it) should sound the Low E note or tone. However, that's only true if your guitar is properly tuned. You will need to read up on tuning your guitar. Tuning is very important, so in this lesson we will cover the six strings, their names and placement.

An open A tuning  source has been included in the tuning chapter. You would use this source to tune the A string. Then you would read up on tuning the remaining strings.

I would like for everyone to review the lessons covering the guitar fretboard and strings. 


Read on tuning the guitar and attempt to tune your guitar. It does take time to learn this.

Memorize each string and placement.

Look over the illustrations on the guitar fretboard and strings and see how and why they are illustrated the way they are.

Use the illustration below to fill in all of the notes on the Low E string.

Use the illustration below to fill in all of the notes on the High E string.

Once the notes are filled in, circle all of the A C D E and G notes. These are the notes that make up the Am pentatonic scale. A few notes have been filled in to get you started.

Always use these blank guitar fretboard illustrations to fill in the notes of each scale you are working on.

Lesson 3

Guitar fretboard

Good Luck

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