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Blues Guitar
Rhythm and lead

A minor pentatonic root note 5th ] [ Am pentatonic C note ] [ Am at D ] [ Am at E ] [ Am at G ] [ Am root 17 ] [ Am open ] [ Am at the G ]

Blues type rhythm and Lead 

In this lesson, I would like to touch on the basics of blues guitar. If you’re not up to speed on the A minor pentatonic scale, you might what to study that first.

I’ve played a blues type progression shown in the video below. The chords that were used are illustrated below. 

I would suggest you learn to play the rhythm first and then learn how to play the riff. This way, you will get a feel for the changes.You can follow the rhythm on top of either the rhythm video or over the video that includes riff 1. This type of rhythm and the guitar riffs included are the building blocks that must be understood. The greatest of all guitar players have used these basics to play the greatest songs of all time.

The tablature for the blues riff 1 has been included below. You can see that the riff starts out being played over the A7 chord.

 In the video below, I play the A blues rhythm using the chords of A7 D7 and E7.

In the video below, I play a blues type guitar riff. We can call this riff 1. The tablature for this riff has been included above.

I personally own this 8 track recorder and drum machine. The recorder is small enough to throw in a backpack and take with you to where ever. I bought some rechargeable batteries for mine. You also need the power supply. Not sure if it comes with it. There are a lot of other units out there, but this is what I have. My drum machine has to be over 15 years old and still working strong. 

When I made the rhythm track above, I just plugged my guitar into this recorder and didn’t use an amp. My amp blew up, looking for a new one. 

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