C major guitar scale exercises

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C major scale exercises

In this lesson, you will learn to play a number of different guitar scale exercises in the the key of C major. The illustration below, shows all the notes in the key of C major, up to the 22nd fret. You will learn 3 different positions along the fret-board.

The key of C major, has the notes of: C – D- E- F- G – A – B and C.

The illustration below, shows the C major scale notes, starting at the 8th fret position. Compare the illustration below, to the one above. The first exercise in the video, will use this position. Notice the note pattern below, you start on the blue C note, using your 2 finger.

The illustration below, shows the fingers that play the C major scale starting at the 8th fret. You begin the first exercise with the 2 finger, in blue below.   

The tablature below starts at the 8th fret position, with the 2 finger. As in the video, you play this exercise twice, then move to the next position. The time on the video for this example below, starts and plays from 0:0 to 0:18.


The exercise below, is also the C major scale, but this time you start with the 4 finger, at the 8th fret, C note. It uses the same notes as the exercise above, but played at a different position. This is actually called the Type 4 fingering pattern.

You can learn more about fingering types in the single note soloing lesson, which is a highly recommended lesson. The illustrations below show the fingering pattern and the notes used to play the next exercise. The tablature has also been included below.

The exercise starts on the 8th fret position, as shown above.  Play this exercise twice, then move to the next position in the video. This exercise starts at 0:10 and plays until 0:34 on the video above.

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