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Blues Lead Guitar and Rhythm

Lead Guitar Made Easy, online guitar lessons PDF for this lesson in Members tool kit Welcome to Guitar Secrets Lead Guitar Made Easy Blues Guitar Rhythm and lead [ A minor pentatonic root note 5th ] [ Am pentatonic C note ] [ Am at D ] [ Am at E ] [ Am at G ] [ Am root 17 ] [ Am open ] [ Am at the G ] Blues type rhythm and Lead  In this lesson, I would like to touch on the […]

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Darker Phrygian Mode

Guitar Secrets, Lead Guitar Made Easy Guitar Secrets, over 150 online guitar lessons. Welcome to Guitar Secrets Lead Guitar Made Easy E Phrygian mode in the key of C major [C major modes intro] [ C Ionian ] [ Dorian mode ] [ Phrygian mode ] [ Lydian mode ] [ Mixolydian Mode ] [ Aeolian mode ] [ Locrian mode ]   The Phrygian mode is the 3rd mode of the Major Key. In the […]

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Guitar finger picking-blowin in the wind

Guitar Finger Picking Style Guitar Secrets Over 150 online guitar lessons – Learn right! Become a Gold Level Member includes over 150 online guitar lessons. Guitar Finger picking In this lesson, I would like to show you one of my favorite finger picking styles. You can use this guitar picking technique to play a number of different […]

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Guitar progressions in D

Guitar Secrets over 150 online guitar lessons Become a Gold Level Member includes over 150 online guitar lessons. This progression uses the guitar chords of D major, G major and A major. This is called a 1 – 4 – 5 progression in the key of D major. I’m trying to get the point across, that you can […]

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Guitar Riff 1 in E minor

Guitar Secrets, Lead Guitar Made Easy Guitar Secrets, over 150 online guitar lessons. We will begin to add some different types of guitar riffs, for both electric and acoustic guitar.  This riff is in E minor. The chords used are Em, A5  and B5. The A5 and B5 are power chords. The timing is a […]

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8 Guitar Progressions Every Guitar Player Must Learn

Guitar Secrets, over 150 online guitar lessons. 8 Guitar Progressions Every Guitar Player Must Learn Some of the guitar chords illustrated below, are going to be played in the open position. What does playing guitar chords in the open position mean? When you strum an open position guitar chord, you might have some notes in that […]

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A minor guitar progressions

Guitar Progressions Blues progression and blues riffs This guitar progression uses the guitar chords Am, F and G. The G chord uses the third inversion and starts on the D note. The notes of the G chord are G, B and D. It is important to know that it is not necessary to start on […]

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Easy Guitar Picking Progression

Guitar lessons that work! Easy Guitar Picking Progression I started things off by selecting 4 chords to pick. The guitar chords used, will be Am, C, Dm and G. These four chords are in the key of Am and C major. The chords in the key of Am are Am, B dim, C, Dm, Em, […]

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Here's an original idea I'm working on. The song is in the key of Em.
The video will go on to explain a little about the key of G major and how the Em is the relative to G major.

 Intro to the fret-board
Guitar fret-board basics and strings
Guitar fret-board notes
Guitar notes and placement
Picking hand exercises 
Guitar picking exercises.
Fretting the notes pick control 
Picking and fretting exercises
A minor pentatonic scale 
A minor pentatonic scale all positions.
Using the pentatonic scale
A minor pentatonic scale continued.

Pentatonic scale continued 
A minor pentatonic exercises. 
Guitar Lesson 8 
Open position chords and tablature.

Guitar Lesson 9 
A minor pentatonic continued.

Guitar Lesson 10 
Guitar timing and exercises.
Guitar Lesson 11 
Easy guitar progression

How to construct progressions
Chord formulas and guitar progressions.

Must know, Play in position 
Play C, G, D and A major in one position

Guitar Lesson 14 
Playing lead over the G major progression.

Timing-scales and symbols 
Learn timing symbols and exercises

Guitar arpeggios
Arpeggio construction scale relationship

C major modes 
Learn the modes in the key of C major.
Major scale theory
Constructing major scales.

Key signature theory
Key signatures and the major scale.
Using F major modes 
F major modes playing lead over changes.
Learn guitar inversions 
Guitar Chord Inversions
Guitar Lesson 22 
Major Scale Cadences, harmonic and melodic minor scale construction.

Guitar Lesson 23 
Cadence, modulation, harmonic, melodic, minor and major scales. 
 Guitar lesson 24

Guitar Lesson 25 
Modulation, part 4.

Guitar lesson 26 
Modulation, C major and closely related keys,

  Guitar modes in G 
Key of G major, using the E Aeolian mode at the 12th fret.

Arpeggio in G major 
G Major diatonic triads using type 2 fingering.

  G major scale exercise 
Learn how to play the type 3 major scale positions.
D major and using 5 positions 
play 5 different positions in the key of D 

Learn how notes harmonize
Harmonizing in 3rds 
Play two notes together in the key of C major and in Am

  Harmonizing with triads 
Learn how to play triads, (three note chords) and inversions up and down the fret-board.
C major exercise 
Learn how to play the C major scale and exercises
  C major scale exercises 
Great guitar scale exercises using the C major scale.